#2 Go to Paris Fashion Week

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This item comes with a bit of history. Ever since I realized fashion was an actual interest of mine, I had always thought how cool it would be to attend shows, go to parties, and have a name relevant enough in menswear that guest lists would be incomplete without it. All of these were pipe dreams, running through my brain when I was a first-semester freshman at my state college realizing “shit, I don't think this is the right place for me.” At the time men's fashion was the only thing I could point my finger at and feel excitement for my future, where every other path made me anxious. This is all a story for another time, so I'm going to keep it specific to fashion. 

Fast forward a few years, and I dropped out of school and followed that idea to New York City. The last two years all of those pipe dreams came true to a degree, and I've been blessed to attend a handful of shows and parties over the previous two years of Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter New York Fashion Week's. The only step remaining was to become germane at fashion weeks across the pond. What I really love is how NYC, a pretty consistent place, adopts a different type of buzz when it's NYFW, and I wanted to experience that in another city. There's an endless stream of inspiring street style to see and photograph, restaurants kick their menus up a notch, and there are always things happening that you can stumble upon without an invitation.

When I was thinking of ideas for the list, I thought witnessing the fashion week buzz in another city would make an epic addition. My options were London, Milan, and Paris. Wanting to visit Paris the most out of the three  I looked up flights, and they were cheap, so Andy and I booked our trip for February 28 - March 6.

(If you're jumping to this item, and haven't read the prior ones, #16 Visit Amsterdam has the full back story of how we got to Paris, and how our plans changed).

To sum it up, a few weeks later I was hilariously invited to some events and parties for Milan Fashion Week. The most significant invitation was for the MFW grand finale, the fourth ever and latest GiGi x Tommy (Hilfiger) installment that has taken the fashion world by storm the last few years. I did a big campaign with Tommy in the fall, and they invited a handful of people they had worked with to attend their party on Saturday, February 24th, and the physical show the next day. We ended up booking a last minute one-way to Milan, landing Saturday morning and attending all of the Tommy events.

The Party the night before:

(I also feel a responsibility to say, based on the impact he had on me, that Tommy Hilfiger is one of the nicest and most engaging people of status I've ever met. I was extremely insignificant based on the other attendees, yet he showed every single person the same amount of time and respect - Thank you, Tom!)

I don't have any photos from the fashion show, but they styled both Andy and me for the show and here's my outfit:

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We decided last minute that because we were in Europe earlier than expected, we would hop over and cross off #16 Visit Amsterdam before we made our way to Paris.

We finally arrived in Paris on Friday, March 2nd. I was so excited to return to this amazing city that I hadn't been to since I was 16, and experience the fashion week buzz. I had only RSVP'd to one Fashion Week event that wasn't happening until March 5th, so in the interim we cruised around the city, soaked in all of the street-style, and crossed off items #52 Try Escargot in France and #14 Go to the Top of the Eiffel Tower. Here's a slideshow of some of my favorite people I saw, either based on their scene or outfits.

On March 5th we went to The Park Hyatt Vendome for a Pamella Roland press preview. While there Jocelyn, who invited me and works for Purple PR (who I regularly work within NYC), asked Andy and me to come to a party that evening at Le Royal Monceau. Giuseppe Zanotti and Maria Buccellati of Faith Connexion were hosting a private evening of cocktails and dinner to celebrate their brand collaboration. Andy and I didn't know what to expect, but it sounded fancy and the type of thing you stumble into by chance, just what we were hoping for. 

March 5th was our final night in Paris and an absolute blast: a live DJ, a balcony overlooking the Arc de Triomphe, endless champagne and Hor d'Oeuvre's, and some who's who that I'll just let you use your imagination about. That evening was the cherry on top of our  Paris Fashion Week experience. My original plan was to attend a fashion week that wasn’t New York. I got a two for one deal with Milan and Paris. London is all that's left, maybe next years list... 

#2 Go to Paris Fashion Week: CHECK


Xx Drew